Winkler and Pattrick

Winkler & Pattrick - Lismore

Winkler & Pattrick is one of the longest standing businesses in Lismore. It was established in 1925 by G J Pope for the purpose of Electroplating.

In 1964 it became a family owned and operated business now known as Winkler & Pattrick. Since that time we have specialized in Metal Polishing, Copper, Nickel & Chrome plating of various metals including Steel, Brass, Diecast and Aluminium.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality Nickel and Chrome plating. We service Vintage Car Clubs, Motor Bike enthusiast, Boat & Yacht Clubs, Plumbing and many more.

Following on from Electroplating we have extended our business to supply all car panels to the motor trade industry. These products range from Bumper Bars, Bonnets, Headlights, Guards etc.

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